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Early detection is paramount in managing chronic illnesses. Our Testing initiative focuses on proactive measures to identify individuals who may be susceptible to developing kidney disease or other chronic conditions.

  • Community-Based Screening Programs: We organize accessible screening programs within communities. These programs may utilize point-of-care tests, blood pressure checks, and urinalysis to assess risk factors for chronic illnesses. This allows us to reach a wider population and identify individuals who might not otherwise seek medical attention.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: For individuals flagged during screenings, we facilitate access to more advanced diagnostic tools. This may include blood tests with specific kidney function markers, urine microalbumin tests to detect minute amounts of protein in the urine, or imaging techniques like ultrasounds to visualize the kidneys’ structure and function. These in-depth tests provide a clearer picture of an individual’s risk and potential presence of disease.
  • Risk Stratification: Based on the test results, we categorize individuals into different risk groups. This allows us to prioritize interventions and allocate resources effectively. Those identified with a higher risk can be closely monitored and receive targeted preventive measures to slow or prevent disease progression.

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